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Free ways to promote Telegram

1 Content and caldo de pollo telegram around the head
If you are really interested in the organic development of the channel, are ready to devote time to it and develop it, and not create “just to be, because everyone does it”, you need to think over a content strategy.

Decide on topics, expertise, headings, analyze the target audience and its needs.

Post useful and unique content. This way you can get free word of mouth promotion.

2 Don’t have 100 followers
If the channel is corporate, of course, place the link in all social networks and on the website. Argument why it is necessary to join telegram – for example, the channel will contain unique information that is not on the blog or on Facebook. Ask employees to post a link in their feed, and try to do it natively. For example, add a squeeze, preview or useful advice from an article or post, and at the end add that you found the information in such and such a channel.

3 Partnerships
Find channels of related topics or target audience and offer to make mutual PR posts. And again, again about the nativeness of such advertising, try to give users a real useful reason that will encourage them to subscribe.

4 Facebook platforms
There are special groups on Facebook in which thematic discussions are held, and users add useful articles from different sites. For example, such a group is dedicated to content marketing.

You can add the texts of your posts to them, adding a link to the telegram channel at the end.

5 Catalogs
Yes. even Telegram already has free directories – you add a link and a channel description: