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What is Telegram for?

So what can you do with Telegram and link free credit rm3? The app doesn’t just allow for instant messaging with other members of the service. Its functionality is much more than that. The best features of other common messengers and its own unique developments are what is provided to clients, and completely free of charge.

With Telegram, you can:

Communicate online with users around the world, including support for audio calls with high sound quality.
Send and receive files in different formats (photos, audio, video, etc.) up to 1,5 GB in size.
Create group chats with up to 200 participants, including secure chats. The latter are possible thanks to encryption. A useful addition, which guarantees that the correspondence will not become known to unauthorized people, even if they get the phone, is a self-destruction timer. When it is activated, after a certain time, the messages will be deleted from the chat and the memory of the phone and server. And if a photo is taken of the screen with the message, the sender will get a notification about it.
Organize communication in super groups – up to 10 thousand people. There is an administrator who can moderate messages and apply restrictions to participants.
Use usernames – this function allows to find a person without knowing his phone number.
Find groups based on interests and participate in their discussions.
Record and forward audio messages.
Create your own channels to watch. Find everything from business webinars and political discussion to cooking recipes and kids’ activities.
Listen to music – for free and even without an Internet connection. We designed a media player with an intuitive interface and a wide range of features.
Use cloud storage from the service. Use Favorites tab to upload any files (unlimited in size and quantity) to a remote server.
Forward, self-create, and download stickers for free (unlike other messengers).
Send photos found in search engines without saving them to the device memory.
Use automated helpers – bots.