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What new features are coming to WhatsApp in an upcoming update?

The WhatsApp developers have announced that they are testing a number of new features for the next version of the mobile app. It is noted that some of the innovations have already appeared in the beta version of the messenger

The messenger team said in a statement that with the next update, users will be able to receive operational information about problems with the delivery of messages. In cases of failure in receiving messages in chats, a warning will be displayed prompting you to update WhatsApp for troubleshooting.

The developers also shared information about a new feature for quick editing of received or sent media files. With its help, it will be possible to make changes to images without leaving the mobile application. It is noted that this will also save memory on the smartphone and not save unnecessary media files. In this case, the edited pictures will not replace the original ones.

The WhatsApp team mentioned the ongoing work of programmers to implement previewing voice messages in messenger push notifications. However, representatives of the messenger are still unable to advise on the timing of the appearance of this functionality on the gadgets of all users.

However, the main innovation that awaits WhatsApp users is information about the development team’s work on a system that will allow using the same account in the messenger on multiple devices at the same time. We are talking about creating a multi-platform system that will allow you to access your account even when your smartphone is turned off. In particular, WhatsApp can be used on a computer without connecting the phone to the Internet. The system is under development, the specific dates of its possible implementation are not indicated.