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WhatsApp Announces Animated Stickers, QR Codes and More

The developers of the WhatsApp messenger announced on their blog that five new features await users in the next update. Among which are animated stickers and QR codes.

More than two billion people around the world love and use WhatsApp. Developers continue to focus on providing a simple, reliable, and secure app for communicating with family and friends. The company also continues to improve its messenger design to ensure that WhatsApp remains the most convenient way to communicate.

As follows from the official release of the company, the next update will include:

Animated stickers. Our users send billions of stickers every day. This method of communication on WhatsApp is rapidly gaining popularity. We’ve added several new sets of animated stickers to make your communication more fun and expressive.
QR codes. Now adding contacts is easier than ever. Soon, in order to add new acquaintances to your contact list, you can simply scan their QR code. You no longer have to manually enter phone numbers one at a time.
Dark mode on WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp for computers. The incredibly popular Dark Mode is now available on your PC.
Improved group video calling function. With the increase in the number of participants in group video calls to eight, we decided to add the ability to expand the video of one of them to full screen. Just tap and hold the video of the selected contact. We’ve also added video call icons to group chats with eight or fewer members to make it easier for you to make one-tap video calls.
Statuses in KaiOS. KaiOS device users can now share updates that disappear after 24 hours using the popular status feature.