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WhatsApp can permanently block users of questionable groups

According to the publication Gizchina, the administration of the WhatsApp messenger plans to begin life-long blocking of users who are members of groups with suspicious names and dubious content. The developers note that it will be impossible to restore the account after such a blocking.

How exactly WhatsApp detects “suspicious” groups and what are the criteria for the dubiousness of their name, the developers of the messenger do not disclose. At the same time, standard answers from the application’s technical support have already appeared on the Internet, posted by users, they say that the blocking occurred due to a violation of the rules.

Experts speak out about the dubiousness of what is happening, since “innocent” users who previously joined a group with a “permitted” name, and later the group administrator renamed it, can get under a massive ban. Such behavior of the administration will be at least not logical and, as a fact, illegal.

At the time of writing, the WhatsApp messenger’s press service did not provide comments.

While there are no official confirmations and denials of this information, the ProTarif.info portal advises users to avoid groups with suspicious names, and administrators to establish a ban on the ability to change the name of the chat by its participants.